04 October 2009

Here we are

Dear George,

Congratulations on your election as Prime Minister of Greece. You have successfully campaigned against the incompetency and the corruption of the, now defeated conservative government. You are entering Greece's executive mansion during a very difficult period in the country's history. The challenges ahead of us appear insurmountable. The stakes are high and honestly, so are our expectations of you. It's the high expectations that have led a few of us to start this blog. Our hope is to provide you with honest, albeit caustic on occasions, feedback.

Let us set the record straight. Greek media fancy you as the country's Obama. They are wrong.  You are a modern politician with an affinity for technology and an appreciation for environmentally-friendly development, like Barack Obama, and that's a good thing for Greece.  But let's not pretend that you are another world leader.  It is downright disrespectful to Obama  that the Greek media suggest that you are his Greek equivalent when, in fact, you have more in common with his predecessor.

With that said, let's focus on the serious challenges Greece faces. This blog wishes you the best of success. We'll be here to praise your accomplishments, warn you of potential mistakes, and criticize mistakes that you were warned about. In doing so, we will be guided by common sense and our awareness of best practices.

The photograph of George Papandreou is courtesy of his website www.papandreou.gr.

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