04 November 2009

And the prime minister is ...?

Dear George:

it has been already a month following your electoral victory and your inauguration as Greece's premier.  Since that time the identity of the Greek prime minister remains a mystery to the dwellers of the internet.  The website "primeminister.gr" contains absolutely no information about you.  Not even your name -- let alone a brief biographical note or a photograph.  In fact, the only name mentioned on that website is that of Yannis Panaretos',  a junior minister in your government.

We find it a bit odd that a month after the government transition, the official website for the Greek prime minister contains absolutely no information about, well, the prime minister.

Maybe the people who are responsible for the prime minister's website are designing an ultra-cool, highly-interactive, and substantial electronic presence for you.  No grandiose plans, however, can be an excuse for the complete lack of elementary information about the individual currently at the helm of the Greek government.

Don't you think that it's about time the Greek prime minister was introduced to the internet community via his official website?

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